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Homeowner Wildfire Hazard Assessments

Wildfire Network can provide a one-on-one property assessment to guide homeowners in reducing wildfire risk. The assessment is a simple walk around the property, looking at the vegetation around the home, the home itself and any outbuildings. Risks are pointed out and suggestions and recommendations for mitigating them are given. Homeowners can take this opportunity to ask questions and get information on programs to help them with mitigation. It's a great opportunity to learn how to live with and prepare for fire, and to understand how preparing your property can keep firefighters out of harm's way.  Wildfire Network's founder is a Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist through the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).   Check out the often one-page, easy-to-read resources availableCWMSLogo trans

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Insurance Wildfire Hazard Assessments

We are certified through National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as a Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, and can help your insured property owners by doing virtual or on-site home risk assessments.  We follow NFPA standards and can produce reports detailing for the property what needs to be done to reduce the risk of wildfire on the property.


Management and Mitigation Services

To help keep our programs going, we provide mitigation services on private lands.  We often have grant funding to help defray the cost as well.  If your property needs thinning, please contact us to evaluate it, create a plan and get the job done.  Slash can be handled with a chipper, used to benefit the land or hauled off on our trailer.  We thin your property based on anticipated fire behavior, slope, aspect and how your home aligns with these factors as well as your neighboring properties, rather than to a set standard.  Our youth crew gains valuable experience on these projects and helps keep your costs down.  We operate all around Santa Fe and the East Mountains in New Mexico.  We also host a survey regarding private land thinning projects done with grant money and would love to have you participate!


Community Assessments and Firewise Assessments

Are there several neighbors in your area that would like to learn about Firewise and how you can help minimize risk from a wildfire? We can provide groups of homeowners instruction on how to look for risks on each property and make recommendations for ways to mitigate them. Group members find it helpful to see the different conditions around each member's home and are better able to understand and recognize areas of concern. Community members may also be interested in developing a Firewise assessment to apply for the Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program. Since 2002, this program has empowered neighbors to work together in reducing their wildfire risk. We can help with the application process, create the firewise assessment for you and submit it to the state firewise liason for approval.

Wildfire Network can also assist in applying for grant funding to help fund general mitigation or Firewise projects, and interface with local, state and federal agencies on behalf of your community in collaborative projects..

Group Presentations

Wildfire Network can provide presentations, handout materials and educational programs to civic groups interested in learning about wildfire prevention. Ask us about bringing the Simtable to these functions.

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Our Mission

Wildfire Network works in pursuit of community wildfire resiliency by working with young adults and communities to promote firefighter safety, job development and youth mentorship. Through wildland fire and land management training, we employ and mentor at-risk youth in forest health, wildfire mitigation and safe firefighting techniques. We provide assistance to communities with wildfire risk reduction and property stewardship.

Wildfire Network believes the cornerstone of community wildfire resiliency is education in adaptive management techniques on and around private property.

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About Wildfire Network

We are a nonprofit 501(c3) based in Edgewood, NM

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Wildfire Network's founder is a Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, through the NFPA

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