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vstudent volunteerWildfire Network performs wildfire hazard mitigation (tree thinning) on private property all over the East Mountains.  We start by obtaining baseline ecological monitoring data which includes measuring trees per acre, canopy cover (how closed or open the tops of the trees are), ground fuels (what and how much stuff is on the ground), percentage of insect or disease infested trees and more.  We use this information to help inform both ourselves and the property owner of the status of their land prior to treatment, and to create a plan to reduce fire risk and enhance the health of the land. 

Once a plan is in place, we do the work necessary to help the property be prepared for wildfire.  This involves cutting down some trees, dragging slash to either be chipped or hauled off, and cleaning up behind ourselves.  Once finished, we go back to the same areas we monitored before, and recount.  This allows us to determine how much fuel we removed, how we changed the canopy, how we may have curb some insect infestations and how we changed potential fire behavior on the property. 

We also will often do home wildfire risk assessments so that homeowners can learn how to protect their property from wildfire.

If you are interested in hot, dirty work (or really cold, dirty work depending on the time of year),  let us know!  We'd be happy to show you how all of this works to help prepare communities for wildfire. Just click the button below to ask for information.

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We are a nonprofit 501(c3) based in Edgewood, NM

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Wildfire Network's founder is a Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, through the NFPA

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