What is a CWPP?

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is a plan developed by a community in an area at risk from wildfire.

Destructive wildland fires in 2002 were a catalyst for Congress to pass the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HFRA) in 2003. The intent of the HFRA was to provide funding and guidance for better forest management practices throughout wildland areas and the wildland urban interface. One of the key outcomes of the HFRA was to incentivize communities to create a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). An approved CWPP can influence and prioritize future funding for hazardous fuel reduction projects, including where and how federal agencies implement fuel reduction projects on federal lands. 

CWPPs must meet three basic criteria:

  • Collaboration: A CWPP must be collaboratively developed by local and state government representatives, in consultation with federal agencies and other interested parties.
  • Prioritized Fuel Reduction: A CWPP must identify and prioritize areas for hazardous fuel reduction treatments and recommend the types and methods of treatment that will protect one or more at-risk communities and essential infrastructure.
  • Treatment of Structural Ignitability: A CWPP must recommend measures that homeowners and communities can take to reduce the ignitability of structures throughout the area addressed by the plan.

Because of the incentive of federal money, many states opt to do county-level CWPPs, which take the "community" out of some plans (or just give small summaries for established subdivisions within that county). Individual communities can take the initiative and do their own localized CWPP, and these can either be added as addendums to a county-wide CWPP or stand alone.  Information such as evacuation plans for at-risk community members, dealing with home-alone children, pet and livestock evacuation, local contractors for post-fire clean-up etc, can be planned for your neighborhood.  

It's a good idea to plan for emergencies locally, as even slightly extended power outages can become life-threatening for some members of a neighborhood. 

Our Mission

Wildfire Network works in pursuit of community wildfire resiliency by working with young adults and communities to promote firefighter safety, job development and youth mentorship. Through wildland fire and land management training, we employ and mentor at-risk youth in forest health, wildfire mitigation and safe firefighting techniques. We provide assistance to communities with wildfire risk reduction and property stewardship.

Wildfire Network believes the cornerstone of community wildfire resiliency is education in adaptive management techniques on and around private property.

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We are a nonprofit 501(c3) based in Edgewood, NM

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Wildfire Network's founder is a Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, through the NFPA

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